Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone(LOICZ), Germany

Priority Topics

365bet线上网投Since 1993, LOICZ has been exploring key drivers and factors that influence land-ocean interactions in the coastal zone, leading to recognition of the growing need for science to inform coastal zone management. Major advances have been made in understanding the biogeochemical and physical role of the coastal zone in global cycles and change. The research focused on material fluxes from the land to the ocean, combining natural and social sciences to elucidate the causes for flux alterations. Understanding relationships between scales, and integration across scales, was an important and challenging aspect of this combined approach. Recently, LOICZ has set up three Priority Topics in order to improve the process of information synthesis as well as to keep LOICZ flexible in its scientific focus. Therefore Priority Topics represent a temporary scientific focus of LOICZ and a niche in the wider context of global change research which is subject to continued peer review and subsequent adjustment. Currently the three Priority Topics are:

1.???? Linking Social and Ecological Systems in the Coastal Zone

2.???? Assessing and Predicting Impact of Environmental Change on Coastal Ecosystems

3.???? Linking Governance and Science in Coastal Regions

Having a lifetime of 2-3 years, all Priority Topics relate to the five Scientific Themes outlined in the Science Plan and Implementation Strategy (LOICZ-SPIS) and represent a continuum of science research.

More Information: ? http://www.loicz.org/science/topics/index.html.en

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